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Dear Dr. Jerusha,


I’ve had Chiropractic care since I was in my 20’s (Over 30 years). My last Chiropractor helped me for 18 years but I was less able to afford it and did not go regularly. But, I do feel that you are the best Chiropractor I have ever seen and I feel healed every time I see you.



Fremont, NE

I found a little angel out there who can heal - Dr. Jerusha!  You are a MIRACLE!

When I first came to your office, I could hardly walk to the exam room because of excruciating pain.  When you worked on my right side below my hip, the pain disappeared.  Now, I call this a miracle.  I walked out of your office that day pain free.

Dr. Jerusha, you are a beautiful person inside and out.  When I sit in your waiting room, other patients eagerly share their healing success stories with me as well, and we all agree you are the BEST.

Thank you for the concern you have shown and care you have given me and my daughter.  We are deeply grateful to you!.




Dr Jerusha,


I have met a lot of people and continue to make acquaintances.  Most of them are self centered and have no outside focus.  It is not very often I have the privilege to communicate with an individual and see their goodness.  I know this may all sound "goofy" but after my appointment yesterday and realizing how you made an attempt to help me with everything that is going on, I really feel at ease.  I know I have a long journey and struggle ahead with lots of obstacles, but I am truly blessed to have you in my path.  I do appreciate you working with me.

Thank you so much!



Myself and both of my boys, now ages 4 & 6, are patients of Dr. Luke and Dr. Jerusha. They are both fabulous! They are both very personable and care about your needs. I have been to chiropractors in the past that have required weekly visits from all patients which got to be too much. These Dr's work with you to decide a plan that is best for you personally, financially, and medically. Chiropractic is the only thing that relieves my migraines. It has also helped keep me and my kids healthy and we rarely get sick. My boys used to get ear infections frequently, until we found chiropractic, and they didn't have to get tubes! You will not regret seeing either of these Dr's!